Each year, Bonarrow Greenhouses sells as many different types of flowers that we can fit in the greenhouses, as well as various greenery and vegetables and herbs.

Here is what is available for the 2020 growing season.



Here is a short list of our most popular products, offered every season.


Annuals are started in the spring, grown for a season and die at the end of the season – most at the time of first heavy frost

We grow annual plants starting with Albion and go to Zinnia. Bedding plants are colourful on their own or as continuous spot colour in perennial beds. We have lots of colours and plant possibilities for hanging baskets and containers.

All of the following bloom for the season.
Our best sellers.


Begonia – most varieties are able to grow in full sun and are able to take drier conditions.


Fibrous – flower beds and borders


Dragon Wings and Cruz style – trailing habit, can take sun or shade. Flower beds, containers and baskets


Solena – trailing habits, containers and baskets use


Non-Stop – upright habits, containers, baskets and flower beds. They prefer shad.e




Zonal – Double petal blooms make for a larger flower heads. Lots of colours to choose from, known for continuous blooms over the season.
Larger growth habits are meant for flower beds and larger containers.
Smaller growth habits are for containers and baskets. Full Sun


Ivy style – Trailing is used mainly in containers and baskets. Full sun


Petunia – Traditional garden varieties for filling in larger spots and spot color in perennial beds. Full Sun

Petunia trailing are used mainly in containers and larger hanging baskets. Full sun. Most varieties need no dead heading


Marigolds – traditional plants for flower beds. Large and Short varieties. Full Sun and dry conditions


New Guinea Impatiens – resistant to Downey Mildew. Do best in part sun. Need to be watered in dry weather

Greenery & Baskets

Greenery – Coleus, Ipomea, Vinca vines, Helichrysum, plus more


Baskets and Containers Plants– smaller trailing varieties. Lots of choices and several colours. Biden, Calibrachoa, Lobelia, Lobeliaria, Scavolia, Verbena to name a few

Vegetables starts for your garden or containers. You can start at Broccoli and finish with Zucchini. In between are cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes plus more. There are several vegetables that will grow in containers if space is tight.

Herbs – easy to grow in containers, to be easily available when cooking. We carry the most common herbs.