Hello everyone


Now that the main rush is over for plant this is our plan going forward.


We are nearly out of Veggies and Herbs.  There are some flowers that are gone or running low as well.

Going forward we are about as open as we can get. You are welcome to come and have a look.

Now that summer has arrived overnight, we have most of the available products outside or on display in the garage and we will collect what you would like within availability.



I would like to thank those that have supported us through all this and I hope you enjoy your product(s) for this season.

For any standing orders that have yet to go out. We will be getting in contact as soon as possible to arrange for pickup. If you are ready and haven’t heard from me please call me with a possible date you would like.

For those that would be interested in ordering again next season, I am considering doing the product info on the website again next year.  Please let me know your thoughts on how our system worked or fell short, so we can serve you more effectively moving forward.